Personal training sessions are payable in 1 month blocks and must do a minimum of 2 sessions per week.

For additional and reduced pricing options, please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Individual Personal Training Sessions (1 Hour and 30 Minute)

These sessions may or may not be one on one, depending on scheduling. An individual may be the only one being trained, or there may be a few others. Either way, each client is trained individually and according to their independent needs)

Cost: $75 for 1 Hour session

Cost: $55 for 30 Minute session

Stand Up Paddleboard

Lessons and rentals at Lake Pleasant. Includes stand up paddleboard 1 hour rental with 1 hour lesson.


Cost:$60 per hour

Design your own fitness class

Design your own type of class! Grab some friends and sign up for some classes designed around your own needs and desires.

With a minimum of 5 people, classes of all types can be scheduled, from cardiovascular, beach body workouts, lower body focus, core/midsection classes, whatever you want!

Cost: $120 per person (4 classes and 5 person minimum classes must be completed within 30 days)

Women's Wellness Retreat

This is a weekend women's retreat held on Mission Bay June 5th - June 7th 2020 in beautiful San Diego, California. CLICK HERE FOR BROCHURE

Cost: $599