I first met Kim about 7 years ago when she was a patient of mine. I immediately could tell Kim worked in the fitness world.  She mentioned I should come work out with her.  YIKES!  That sounded scary.  She mentioned it a couple more times, so I decided to give it a try.  I was impressed with Kim's ability to give me workouts based on my ability, and not hers.  Many people have probably looked at Kim, become intimidated, and been afraid to workout with her.  Well, she does not expect you to be at her level.  She works individually with each and every one of her clients, and customizes your workouts based on your goals.  I think whether you want to lose 5 pounds, add muscle, or do a fitness competition, Kim could help you reach your goals.


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Kim Saari
Located in various locations throughout the valley!

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Telephone: 602.793.0002