Portrait of Kim Saari

Kim Saari is a personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach who resides and works in Phoenix, Arizona. Her company is based out of various locations throughout the Phoenix valley. Kim is certified through the IFPA, as well as the Ironbody training program and has over 30 years experience training clients. Kim herself has competed in various fitness competitions, ranging from marathons, triathlons, adventure races to figure, obstacle course and bodybuilding competitions. In 2001, Kim began competing in the INBF and in 2005, was awarded her pro card in the WNBF by winning the overall in the Best of the West Bodybuilding competition held in Phoenix, Arizona. Since that time, Kim has been competing as a professional NATURAL bodybuilder with the WNBF, which includes two Ms. Universe competitions held in the Cayman Islands. Kim is a current WNBF pro and is active in the WNBF with her pro card in bodybuilding, Fit Body, as well as figure divisions.

Kim enjoys helping people feel better about themselves by helping them feel good, waking up each day ready to enjoy life to its fullest!